Donate now to help us support a veteran. image

Donate now to help us support a veteran.

The military transitional system is broken. By donating today, you will be providing a new transitional tool for the veteran community via fitness and camaraderie.

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Connecting veterans through fitness

Lift For The 22 connects veterans with gym memberships nationwide to improve military transition, and fight veteran suicide.

Lift For The 22 started in 2015 when Founder Carter Davis almost committed suicide after transitioning from military service. After using the gym and his fellow veterans to rebuild his life, he wanted to find a way to pass those opportunities to fellow veterans. Today, with the help of co-founders Wade Luethi, Dennis Wright, and the rest of the LFT22 team, they are making their vision a reality.

Lift For The 22 started with one gym in Beaverton Oregon that donated 22 memberships a year to help local veterans get access to fitness in order to fight veteran suicide. As of 2018, Lift For The 22 has partnered with over 500 gyms nationwide who are helping veterans create community and camaraderie through fitness.

By donating, not only will you be providing fitness as an outlet to a veteran, you will also be providing Lift For The 22 the opportunity to partner with more gyms across the nation to join our movement.

Only with your help can we accomplish our mission!

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